Blue Ridge Trucks Parts is located on the family farm in S.E. Minnesota near the Iowa border and has been in operation since 1995. Fred and his son travel to Texas several times a year and bring back a variety of rust-free pick-up, truck and auto parts, both newer models and classics.

Used truck and classic car parts range from an entire vehicle to front clips, boxes, fenders, doors, etc. Fred sometimes works with body shops to look for special order parts and also takes orders from individuals for used truck and classic car parts. Presently we do not rebuild for customers. As the father of three sons, over the years, he has worked with a variety of used parts and vehicles to build some vehicles from scratch.

Some of these vehicles have ended up in car shows winning numerous trophies even though they started out as used parts. Finished vehicles include: ‘79 Camero,‘67 Chevy short-box, step-side pickup, ‘63 Ford short box pickup, ‘67 Plymouth Satellite and several Classic Mustangs.Fred has a used truck and classic car parts lot that includes numerous makes and models of car and pickup truck parts on hand at all times but is always on the lookout for more rust-free used parts.